Research Post 1: Colour

Colour is such an important part of how we see things. It can communicate so much meaning and that meaning is extremely easy to identify. I found a great web page that shows 10 reasons to use Colour. The URL is for anyone who wants a better look. But in short the author said the 10 reasons you should use colour are:

1: Use colour to speed visual search

2: Use colour to improve object recognition

3: Use colour to enhance meaning

4: Use colour to convey structure

5: Use colour to establish identity

6: Use colour for symbolism

7: Use colour to improve usability

8: Use colour to communicate mood

9: Use colour to show associations

10: Use colour to express metaphors

Looking at this list I think I will use 3, 5, 6 and 8 most in my final product. The colours that exist from the photos already will already provide most of the meaning I intend to convey but if I need to increase some certain aspects of colour I can always use photoshop to do that. I feel I may try to communicate mood more with the use of extra colour or an overall tone of colour. I could also show symbolism with colour to the clothes the people are wearing by changing them to their culture’s stereotypical colours. These are just a few ideas I have but I’m sure there will be more that pop up in the process.


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